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I like my town with a little drop of poison
Nobody knows they're lining up to go insane
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2nd-Dec-2030 10:33 am - [ooc] hmd
C。got you that time
Hit me, baby.  Comments screened, anon is on.

doctornolicense (AIM)
kabutits or scarebro
2nd-Sep-2010 01:05 am - for reference: appearances list
C。got you that time
taking a page out of butthead 's magic book and keeping a list of titles that I've read and need to read. I'm going to be a Pokemon master and read these all eventually. you'll see!

this is lengthyCollapse )

will probably edit later to check off the issues I know and clean up the repeat titles (like individual issues of a trade paperback showing up in the list along with the actual TPB.)
C。got you that time
I thought some people might appreciate this.

I'm only using examples from the comics I have digital copies of (just because my scanner isn't set up yet.  I hate moving!)  Any videos I got, I got off Youtube from people who were kind enough to upload them.  They don't know how useful they are.

Anyway!  The order of appearance has no significance save for it being the order in which my comics were organised.  Since there are a lot of images, I won't include every single example I took from each respective comic; I'll leave links to all the others after my dumb commentary with an ×.

Without further ado:

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4th-May-2010 12:48 am - character rambles, in progress
C。got you that time
Found an interesting article about my boy, though… Part of the interest is in that I very seldom see people writing about him. Anyhoo, some things caught my eye and while I already sort of rambled in a Plurk about this, I figured it was worth expanding on ideas without the restriction of a 140 character limit.

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